News update from Kodaikanal - 20.04.2005

Tuesday 19.04.2005 :-

Swami left Parthi at 12:30 pm on 19.04.2005 and reached Kodaikanal , Sai Shruthi, His house in Kodai exactly at 6:30pm

His guests followed Him in a volvo bus and reached there some half n hour later while His students reached there in another a/c bus by 7:20pm.  Till His students came Swami was waiting and as soon as they came He inquired a bit and retired to room.

He seems to be in a good mood with some songs and music right on the first day in the morning.

Swami blessed devotees with a beautiful darshan later at 9:05am which continued till  9:30a.m. He looked really beautiful , was the general observation while His students (other than whom Swami took , and who went on  their on accord) who reached here didn't seem to enjoy much since there was no reaction from His side which made their efforts seemingly, fruitless.

They hope to make the day better by going early daily (since there are no special block and place for Sai Students) and showing Swami their faces.

Sai Ram !

Kodai News Agency

forwarded by Jagat on 20.04.2005

Wait and See

Sri Sai Ram

Within this some excerpts of a Sai Sisters letter to the very best of Your mental digestion.

Lost illusions are received truths.

Stay in Sathyam

and then - be happy!

Jay Sai Ram

By the time many of you get this, you will probably know that Swami left Prasanthi Nilayam today, Tuesday, 19 April 2005. He had given nice Darshan in the morning and sat for bhajans in the Mandir, going back to the Poornachandra after bhajans. (...) later I heard that He drove out of the Mandir area at about 11 AM and went to the Super Speciality Hospital. He was there some time, and at about 12:30 PM I heard the plane flying overhead, a sign that Swami was on His way to Madhurai, as planned. From there He will go to Kodai Kanal.
My (...) who is a distant relative of Swami’s family and who is in close contact with them, said that this time Swami will take about 30 members of His family to Kodai Kanal with Him! Also about 40 college students.
It is unknown how long Swami will stay in Kodai Kanal – some say only a week. There is speculation that Swami will return here to Prasanthi Nilayam for Easwaramma Day on 6 May, which He has not done for many years. We can only wait & see!

Posted by Jay Sai Ram on 20.04.2005

Swami Leaves for Kodai

Dear Brother and sister,

Bhagawan left for Kodai at 10.45 AM this morning with a group of 40 members ( students , staff and members of the Sai Organisation) by a special aircraft to Madurai directly. He will be spending some time at Mr. Chettiars place ( hearsay) and will leave by Road to Kodai. The strong rumour is that Swami may be back in Nilayam by May 4 for the Eswaramma Day celebrations.  The Painting work of the Mandir started immediately after the departure of Swami .

With Love
Posted by Pidtala Gopi Krishna on 20.04.2005

Swami Arrives in Madurai

Sai ram brothers ,

Now the Update from Madurai ... Let me share my Darshan Experience from the Tarmac of the Madurai Airport.

Flight landed at Madurai Airport at 1.10 Pm ... The Flight Was supposed to start at Puttaparthy at by 2.00 pm and Land at Madurai Airport at 12.40Pm as
per  schedule .... but seems to have a delayed start as  our brother  from parthy has mentioned in his update . All the Airport employees, Airlines employees were waiting very eagerly to have Swami's Darshan.

Prior to Swami's Flight there was one more special flight coming carrying Sai Devotees from the TVS group of Companies. They were coming exclusively to have Swami's Darshan at Madurai.

The last time swami visited Madurai Airport During April 2003 it was all together a different experience as compared to this one . Now this Time Swami was not going to use the stairs from the flight to get down and a special Ambulift was brought in by the Indian Airlines form Trivandrum the previous day itself and all mock drills were being conducted  so that every thing goes fine.

The moment had arrived for which all were waiting. The Special Indian Airlines Flight made a touch down and all eyes were just focused on the flight, hearts beating faster and just waiting to catch a glimpse of our beloved Lord.
The Aircraft Doors were opened one at the rear and one at the front. The Institute students accompanying swami and other VIPs got down from the rear end and still we were yet to have glimpse of Swami ... as the Ambulift was being Positioned in ....

Once the Ambulift was positioned correctly we could see some movement happening inside it but the Lift came down empty maybe as per the direction of swami
Now the District Collector of Madurai and one more Sai Devotee got into it with a Bouquet in their hands

Now We could see the Orange Robe and Finally Swami was there Smiling at all those standing below for his darshan ... It was wonderful having Swami's Darshan after a long time but again painful to see Physically  weak ....  The lift Came down ... and the Red carpet was leading to the BENZ car waiting just a couple of steps away .... brother satyajit was beside swami all the while helping swami to get into the Car ...  Then Benz Car made a slow movement ... and all of us near the Car gave way and swami's Car left the Airport premises leaving one and all happy with the Darshan but again Pondering about Swami's Health .

These are a few words in which I have put Today's Exprience having swami's darshan .

Jai sai ram

P. Muthu Kumar
Batch of 1992-94 SSSHS School and
1994-1997 B.Com (hons) Brindavan.
Currently working as 
Airports Authority of India , Madurai Airport .

Posted by Mallampally, Shiva on 20.04.2005

Kodai Updated News


Swami traveled by His car from Madurai airport to Kodai and had a  break in between at Gunguvarpatti, near kodai foothills town Vanthalagundu.

A group of sevadals had already completely refurnished the Highways  Travelers' guest house at gunguvarpatti.  Swami arrived at about  3.30 pm at the spot.  Dindugal collector along with Tamilnadu State President welcomed Swami.  Though we were ready with a sofa-wheel- chair for Swami, He shunned it away and proceeded to walk His way through the ramp specially made for Him.   He was waiting for students and guest accompanying Him to arrive.  Once they arrived, then He had His food.  The students and guests were served with sumptuous Tiffin.  At about 4.35 pm, He left the spot, followed by two buses of students and guests.  He reached Kodai at about 6.15 pm.

We, a couple of old students, were standing with the sofa-chair.  Once the car door opened, we could see His frail form.  The Halo hair  reduced; the soft beautiful feet, slightly swollen; the silken skin  on His feet, wrinkled.  But still, He created a ring for the District Collector with the same vigor and enthusiasm. 
Once, the car door opened, we, the old students, became visible to  Swami. Immediately, there was a smile of recognition.  Then, He was helped to get down from the car.  Once on His feet, He enquired about us, with the same old charm.  Oh,  after nearly ten years, we  are hearing His voice, directly speaking to us.  My mind is slowly drifting to those days when He to used walk amongst us creating His own path, His robe brushing our faces, the divinely scent wafting in the air, suddenly speaking to a boy till then not spoken to, cracking some jokes on elders, simplifying philosophies into sweet
one-liners, sometimes just standing in total silence for a length of  time with us in rapt attention for the next divine word,...

In the evening, after Swami has left, being alone, the experience of being with the Avatar was sinking in.  We may have Him in our hearts is good but not extraordinary, but He has a small space, maybe even the smallest, for us in His heart is something that bestows unspeakable happiness.  And, when He decides to bless us with the physical demonstration of the existence of that room for us in His heart, can the garb of words explain the experience?

Sai Ram

Posted by Surya Prasad on 20.04.2005