Subscription for Magazines

Sai Ram,

The following magazines are available for yearly subscription:

Nava Srathi - Education in Human Value
Yuva Sarathi - For Youth
MoolyaSudha - for Teachers and Parents

Annual Rs. 60 Overseas Rs 480

[Currently Mollyasudha is not available for Overseas]
In Mumbai - at Dharmakshetra for Nava Sarathi Magazine only.
In Prashathi Nilayam all three magazines are available (next to Indian Canteen Coupon Counter)

else you can send the payment directly in favour of:

Name of Magazine i.e

Nava Srathi or Yuva Sarathi or MoolyaSudha
U.C. College
ALUVA, Kerala 683 102
Tel 0484 - 2606843
By Money Order , Indian Postal Order or Demand Draft Payable in Aluva - Kerala

NB: Nava Sarathi has been around for quiet some time. The other two was released by Divine Hands during August 2005.

The above said three magazine are Published by Sri Sathya Sai Publication Society of Kerala.

Posted by Ravi Narasimhan on 18.03.2006