Praying for Swami's sake!!!

Sai Ram.

Please permit to share some of my thoughts with you all.

During last week, Swami did not come out for Darshan for two days in the morning sessions. Then the next two days were totally blank; no Darshan at all during morning or evening sessions. Then the next day too, the morning Darshan was skipped.

Saturday evening brought cheers to all devotees assembled in Sai Ramesh hall. There was a big commotion among devotees when Swami made his appearance through the rear side of the stage. Many devotees cried out unashamedly seeing Swami, after missing Him  for couple of days. There was not a single face without tears. There was no time to wipe out the tears flowing down since every one was holding palms together in great reverence.

There was a very huge crowd assembled on Sunday Morning. The weather was severely cold, and yet every inch of the hall and extended area was jam packed from early morning, praying and waiting for Divine appearance. The day was something special. Swami walked  by entering through the rear side of the stage, and occupied the chair near the front edge of the stage. The Bhajan was going on. After few minutes, swami indicated that he be brought down. Thereafter it was all cheers and cheers all over. Swami made several rounds, and passed through the various points three times or more. Swami was speaking with many devotees, accepted many letters.

Swami departed through the back entry, walking again. Before that Swami got up from chair stood up, and waved HIS  Divine hands, blessing all the fortunate devotees who had assembled that day. In the evening sessions on Sunday, the students presented some skits. Each student prayed in different languages, the agony there were having, on missing Swami. Each one of them  mentioned that they  are bound by Love to Swami, and their relation with Swami was inseparable. They pleaded, that they cannot live WITHOUT HIM. The narration by each student was followed by songs which revealed their agony of missing Swami. A very emotion packed presentation, was witnessed by all devotees.

So far so good. Now the time has come for all us to think more about Swami We are taking for granted about routine Darshan of Bhagawan. Swami's Divine body is aging. We have seen Swami for the last many decades. There are only few more years of Swami's existence in the world, and this short period is very very precious. And during this short period Swami is visibly in physical strain. For the sake of devotees, Swami undergoes lot of inconveniences and makes His appearance for giving us His Divine Darshan. We should make the best possible chances to get benefits from these Darshans The feelings should not be a routine one. We should start feeling for the welfare of Swami's physical body too. This is most important and the responsibility of we devotees.

While we proceed to Prashanthi Nilayam or Brindavan in Whitefield, we go with lot of prayers for our own problems. In this process, we forget the problems of Bhagawan.

Few suggestions please:-

While waiting for Divine Darshan. we should forget for a while our own problems and start praying for Swami's welfare. By any chance, even if Darshan is not forthcoming, instead of feeling bad about it, we should feel that Darshan is not that important but Swami should be fine. This thought should be very positive in our mind. If Swami is okay, all will be okay. We should be consistent in our faith that Swami knows every one of us and our needs as well. So all our thoughts should be centered on Swami's well being alone.

2. Back in our homes, all our prayers in our home  and Sai centers too, should be for the good health of Swami.

We are used to sit in silence, (the so called Dhyan) for about a minute or two after end of each Bhajan sessions. Nobody is sure, as what type of Dhyan it is. They sit silently waiting for the signal which could end of that silence sitting. This has become a routine. Let us now give some thoughts for useful way of  this precious time.  During this time of silent sitting, we should pray to Swami that He should recover soon, and be back to His brisk and active movements. We should pray that Swami should give us joy by moving around us, without any difficulty. In short, Devotees should have a mental dialogue with Swami, always praying for Swami's welfare. We can even play a tape recorder, with some mild rendering like "OM" or Gayathri mantra as a background during this silent sitting. This would help devotees, to hold on their thoughts on Swami, instead of allowing the mind wandering away.

In all programmes, such as any workshops, conferences or study circles etc., separate time  should be allotted to make prayers for Swami good health. Even in Balvikas classes, children  should be trained to offer such prayers.

In short all activities in Sri Sathya Sai organizations in all levels, devotees should be encourage to offer prayers on regular basis.

Let all of us keep our own matters in the secondary position, and  understand that Swami's good health is very important.

Come let us all take the initial  steps as early as possible.

With Love & Regards,
Bombay Srinivasan