Love in Action - The story of Liquid Love

Sai Ram.

I was very fortunate to visit the "Battu Cave" temple of Lord Muruga, when I visited Malaysia last December. I saw mammoth satute of Lord Muruga which was ready for inauguration.

I met many Sai Devotees in many cities in Malaysia, in Kaulalumpur (known K/L), Penang, Itoph etc. Each one of them were very enthusiastic in various service activities.

I have now received report from brother Balachandran, about a memorable Sai service 8ndertaken by Sri Sathya Sai Seva organizations of of Malaysia. I reproduce the report below:

Bala Chandran <> wrote:
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:01:33 +0000 (GMT)

Subject: Re: "Praying for Swami's sake"
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Sai Ram beloved Uncle,

Here is a letter written by our Bro J Jegatheesan for your attention. Sad to say I was in no position to participate in the said Blood Donation campaign.


My Dear Sai family,

Just for info! Please consider this as an informal JNN News Flash, THAT I PRAY WILL BRING JOY AND PRIDE TO THE HEARTS OF ALL SAI DEVOTEES. THAIPUSAM is one of the great events for Lord Subramaniam, that took place on the10th and 11th Feb at the world famous ( virtually for all who have active interest in Gods world events) Batu Caves near K.L.

By the way Lord Subramaniam is considered in Vedic Records as the Kali Yuga Avathar and for many South Indian Sai devotees, Bhagavan Baba is the Physical Manifestation of this Divine Consciousness. Over the years the SAI Council has organized blood donation and Bhajan sessions at this event. But this Year, something spectacular took place.

The SAI Council organi zed a huge festival of devotional songs with some of the top Malaysian Indian Professional singing talents, singing non stop for 36 hours, in conjuntion with a "Donation of liquid love" programme, where devotees were urged to offer 'LIQUID LOVE" TO SAVE LIVES AS THEY PRAY TO LORD MURUGA.

The Malaysian Blood Bank had put up MORE than 80 odd beds.

The target was 2006 pints (i.e bottles... they call it pints but they mean this plastic bottle, which I think is less than a pint) of blood and, if we achieve this, the Blood Bank say this will enter the MALAYSIAN BOOK OF RECORDS AS THE LONGEST NON STOP BLOOD DONATION DRIVE (33 HOURS) In a single event by one NGO and definitely the largest single Blood Donation offering by any NGO in a one event. By the way there is a new _expression going around i.e. FAITH BASED ORGANIZATIONS (FBO), but that is another story.

Some of our Youth and adults were there for more than 48 hours. As for old guys like me , i went to the caves at about 3.30pm on 10th and came back home at 5am on 11th and collapsed in sleep.

Similar Liquid Love events were undertaken by SAI groups in 3 other cities, Ipoh, Penang and Johore Bharu where major Thaipusam festivals dedicated to Lord Subramaniam were being held.

A leading Radio station that was a cosponsor of the event, linked all 4 Centers with a running commentary of e vents as they unfolded.

Malaysia has just come through 5 days of Holidays where Chinese New Year was celebrated at the same time as a Major Islamic festival. Every body goes on leave and road accidents go through the roof with many deaths and hundreds of injuries that need blood transfusion.

During these periods the Blood Banks run dry and there is a desperate need for blood at all hospitals and the majority in need will be the Muslims and Chinese who form 90% of Malaysai's population.

This desperate need is what prompted the National Blood Bank of the General Hospital ,with majority Muslim staff, t o come to one of the Biggest Hindu events outside of India and to set up their beds with teams of doctors and nurses and work in shifts collecting the Liquid Love offered for close to 35 hours.

It was fascinating to see Muslim nurses, and doctors amidst a sea of Hindus, all hot and tired and queuing up to offer blood as devotional songs were sung urging the highest form of save lives.

It was an extraordinary sight of UNITY, PURITY AND DIVINITY in this location, at a time in the world, when the Muslim community all over the world, is "in arms" and angered by many events and seen so
negatively by some.

And here is a SAI Vision of long ago being fulfilled, by uniting 2 great Religous Traditions ( which ,on the face of it, have totally contradictory practices) in a SEVA OF LOVE.

Here there is this throbbing mass of Humanity, carrying Kavadi (Penance), beat of drums, crowds pushing and moving forward in a mass of uncontrolled humanity, yet controlled by a divine will so that no untoward events took place.

The media quoted 1.3 million people having come...but I did not count and thus cannot verify the figure.

There amidst this seething mass of moving Humanity was a huge stage, with a huge picture of Bhagavan Baba with Malaysia's leading Tamil singers offering their service through Devotional songs.

There was one blind singer ( also well known) who sat on the stage with his Keyboard and sang devotional songs for close to 8 or more hours, without getting up to go to toilet or food and all he had was the One cup of MILO which i had to persuade him to take and sips of water. He brought many to tears by the poignancy of the songs he sang to God, pleading for Grace.

For me this whole event reminded me of the extraordinary events at Sai's Hill View Stadium with thousands of devotees yearning for Darshan of the Kali Yuga Avathar and Indias Top singers offering
devotional songs.

The only difference was the total discpline among the masses of devotees and the magificient "PHYSICAL presence" of the Kali Yuga Avathar at Hill View.

But here in Batu Caves, the "Physical presence" was not there, but the Divine Invisible presence of Lord Muruga, the Kali Yuga Avathar and His Manifestaion as Sathya SAI Avathra was felt by all and darshan was received by all through their pictures and images.

I have received an sms message from the Sai Organizing team, saying that the donations of LOVE were as follows:

Batu Caves: 2330 pints of liquid love.
Ipoh: 56
Johore Bharu : 66
Penang : 242.
Total Malaysia for Thaipusam Sai Seva of Love for the

This event is so vast and moving it is unimaginable.

The Radio station, the professional singers all kept talking about what the SAI Baba people are doing to save lives of all communities.

Our Sai Young adults have taken this to an incredible level, since the days in early 1980s when i had to go there with about 5 or 6 youth ( maybe 10), and my car was the only transport vehicle, build our own shed, sold Sai Bhajan tapes sang songs, slept in the car when exhausted etc... for 3 days . ( and let me not talk of Toilet Facilities.)

Now the event has gone to supramental proportions with support coming from all sides. The Municipal Authorities who rent the space gave us a vast concourse of area free of charge. Many VIPs came and went back amazed and asking how they could support our effort.

The event was co-sponsored by a local news station, that kept news going about this event all the time.

I came home after 13 hours and nursing a very painful knee but many of our totally exhausted Youth, Young adults and adults dedicating themselves to a point beyond exhaustion, spent many, many more hours from beginning to end.

As usual i am sure i will receive some "reflected glory" on the human level as some may attribute the success of this event, quite "undeservedly" , to me. However on a Divine Level, God will know who did what and will reward accordingly.


ON SUNDAY12th the Leading Malaysian English Newspaper the STAR had a full page on this Thaipusam festival.

Many NGOs ( FGOs?) were doing all sorts of Seva during this festival, however the only one that got special mention read as follows:


"2,330 blood donations collected in just a day"

The first para of the article read as follows:

"Kuala Lumpur: The National Blood Bank and the Sathya Sai Council of Malaysia could have achieved a record by collecting 2330 blood donations in a single day at the Thaipusam Celebrations in Batu Caves"....and thus the story goes on.

I am sure the details will be eventually forwarded officially through the proper channels.

However I wanted to share the THRILL & JOY and Pride that i felt for the SAI Sevaks and all who took part in this mammoth event of selfless Service and where once again the SAI name became recognised in this nation as synonymous with LOVE ALL SERVE ALL. It would have been a great thrill for all those who were at Thaipusam to have seen our Brother Billy Fong, the SAI Council President officiating at the closing ceremony of the event. This event manifested an ideal of SAI.

Here was Sai Seva in a totally HINDU event, manifesting Unity of Faiths ( Chinese Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus), for the common goal of helping humanity by saving lives.

Many who came and donated were first time donors who were so moved by the amazing confluence of Prayers, Devotional Songs and Service that they offered Liquid Love as their Service to God and Man.They were moved by the devotion invoked to save lives. They came forth and gave with Devotion and LOVE and as the blood drained from their bodies to save a life, they were being re-charged by the Devotional songs being sung continuously.

I share this event with you as a SAI brother, a devotee (or aspirant for devotion) of the LORD, sharing some joy.



CC: For the Malaysians who are receiving this and where names may mean something, there were too many to mention, who dedicated themselves to a point beyond duty, but within bonds of Divine Love. But among those who led the programme from before it began till the end would include:

Our Dr.Ganesh (aka Ramesh), Bro. Sugu, Bro.Saravanan (Coordinator), Bro. Ravi (Bangsar Centre chairman), Bro Muthu and others, (youth & Adults) whose names must be now on the 2nd list of the angel who spoke to Abu Bin Adam.

None expect their names to be mentioned, but on behalf of all Malaysian SAI devotees, I thank them all for this great Seva of LOVE.


Bro. J Jagadeesan (sai)
Official:Dato' J.Jegathesan


With Love & Regards,
Bombay Srinivasan,