Events - Seva Project by Sai Study Group Indonesia

(Courtesy SaibabaNews)

On 7th May 2005, a team of volunteers under Sai Study Group of Yogyakarta organized service programs in remote areas of Gunung Kidul (Purwodadi district, Yogyakarta Province of Indonesia), which covering 5 villages: Duwet, Ngande Ande, Pringsanggar, Winangun and Ngandong.

The service programs were arranged in food distribution to 2,340 families, which consisted of 5 kgs of rice and lunch meal, also set-up free medical camp serving over 800 patients. A medical team consisting of 8 doctors and 4 nurses saw patients of all ages with a wide variety of ailments, including skin diseases, nutrition  problems, arthritic & rheumatic problems and also chest pains.

The programs were carried-out in a very smooth procedure and greatly anticipated. As a token of their appreciation, the villagers offered a welcome dance and behaved in a very nice and discipline manner throughout the service, especially during rice distribution.

This seva project were being unique due to the presence of two prominent & distinguished guests, i.e. Prof. Anil Kumar from Prashanti Nilayam, India (who is none other than Bhagawan Baba's translator) and Dr. V.K. Ravindran (central co-coordinator Zone 4 region 41 of Prashanti Council). As can be seen from the picture, Prof. Anil Kumar is very delighted & interested with the folk dance presented by the villagers.

Posted by : Udayo Untarya Wijaya