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There was a grand felicitation of senior faculty members at the Prasanthi Nilayam on June 18, 2006 which I thought you would be interested in knowing.

The opening of the function was by Institute Band and nadaswaram. The whole environment was surcharged with spiritual and academic brilliance.

The faculty members who were honoured were Dr. U.S.Rao, Prof R. Ramamoorthy, Prof Nanjundiah and Dr V.N. Pandit.

The faculty were accompanied by their spouses and they shared the dias with Swami.

The opening address was given by the Vice Chancellor who introduced the recepients to the audience. The qualifications, achievements and posts held by them were reeled off in a manner that held the entire audience spell-bound and I was stunned at the academic and professional brilliance of these great men who lived rather low-profile lives at Parthi.

It was a feast to watch for all as Swami walked upto each one spoke to them, granted padanamaskar to the couple and blessed them with recognitions.

Dr Rao was the first to be felicitated, followed by Prof Ramamurthy, Prof Nanjundiah and then Dr Pandit.

The honoured faculty expressed their gratitude to Swami and shared their thoughts.

Dr Rao said that there was no greater and better job than to interact with a committed and learned faculty, enthusiastic and eager students and be a part of the university whose Chancellor is the Chancellor of the Universe. Dr Rao added that it is the students' love for Swami that was endearing and gave him immense happiness in rendering the job.

Prof Ramamurthy spoke of the pancha thathvas - WATCH - that Swami has given to all his devotees and concluded that this was the message that he wanted to give to the students.

Prof Nanjundiah spoke of his experiences from over 3 decades with Swami, the letters that Swami had written to him and the immense grace of Swami on each and every action of his life. It was like a fairy tale, a mellifluous flow of honey and nectar.

Dr Pandit's speech potrayed the immense humility and attitude of surrender. Dr Pandit, while expressing gratitude to Swami described the event as 'torrential grace' . He disclosed that he used to come to Parthi since 1976 and had earlier known about Swami when he was a Prof in Manchester. He wanted to come to Parthi since then and be involved in the SSSIHL, when Swami told him '...this is your university'. Dr Pandit concluded his speech with a prayer that 'He prabhu, mere avagun chitt na dharo, chaho to paar lagoa' .

Swami gave a small speech praising the faculty members and advising the students to be of exemplary character.

The words of a student were also heard. Dr Deepak Anand (and ex student and presently a faculty member) gave his views on their brilliance and sought resounding applauses for each of these men who had secured this ultimate recognition from the Lord.


(Posted on 19.06.2006 - Manoj Govindraj)

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