Om Sri Sairam to noble hearted members of this Holy Group.

The past 10 days have been hectic for Swamy with many opening ceremonies, plays, dance and songs programmes. Many people in Puttaparthi were surprised and probably bit unhappy when the Sai Geetha's premises which was filled with beautiful coconut trees and other huge trees were cut down paving the way for construction of an indoor stadium. Very few were aware of the fact that an indoor stadium will be built in that place. so the premises has been cleaned. But Swamy knows what to do and when to do... Now a new indoor stadium and a new house for Sai Geetha (adjacent to the planetarium) will be coming up very soon.

Another interesting happening, Last Sunday Swamy blessed a Spanish boy with an interview... The boy was hanging around for quite a while now. Very devoted and soft spoken. According to his friend, Swamy had promised him about a year ago that He will give admission in Swamy's school. As promised, it seems Swamy told the boy in the interview room, "I will give you admission tomorrow or day after tomorrow" (and we all have LITTLE DOUBTS when Swamy says, "TOMORROW", as tomorrow in the Divine Dictionary means some years or may be next birth.) The boy being smart enough, said the same thing to Swamy and Swamy replied with a a BIG smile, Yes tomorrow... YOUR TOMORROW... As promised now the boy has joined in the music college.

The major happening this week was the programmes by the Bal Vikas children of Rural Maharashtra.... Swamy was very happy to see the kids perform so well.. Today afternoon (10th July) was another beautiful day, where in all the devotees witnessed Swamy in a very jolly mood, thanks to the beautiful programmes, which made Swamy immerse in them.

To start with was a dance programme by students of Sathya Sai Institute of Higher learning, Prasanthi Nilayam campus. Interestingly, the dance group had a Lithuanian (If I am correct) national boy whose family is living in Parthi for almost 2 years now. The boy was hand picked by Swamy and visibly shy natured boy was here to perform, dance, in front of the Lord of the Lords... 1000s of eyes were centered on the boy so also was Swamy.

The dance started with a telugu song and again one song from the latest telugu movie SRI RAMADASU... The boy danced with so ease and got applauds from all the people assembled there. It is a memorable day to the boy's father, who coincidently was the videographer. As long as the boy was dancing Swamy was keenly watching his expressions and also his steps. I am sure Swamy would have been very happy to see His HAND PICKED seed emerging into a beautiful tree. After the dance programme the students went towards the dias and Swamy shook His Head asking "What now?" The boys stood still.. and Swamy asked "Ayyipoinda" (is it over) when the students responded in positive He asked them to sit.

The next programme was an interesting and much awaited one... GOD LIVES IN INDIA fame Bailey sisters were waiting for Swamy's nod to sing in His immediate presence, which they were longing for..... for years... Our compassionate Lord, asked the USA coordinator to let them perform.... After taking Swamy's blessings the sisters sang beautiful numbers from the GOD LIVES IN INDIA, album... All the songs were touchy especially the second number was so soothing that it made all of us cry... Its the song of OUR TIMES... OUR DIFFICULT TIMES.... THE SONG WHICH EVERY MOTHER, FATHER, OF THIS KALI AGE SINGS.... COMPLAINS ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN

With the sisters' permission I will repeat few lines of the song:

I remember and were so natural to OUR time

I look at the children we have been given and the world that they now have to live in my Lord.

Now we have drugs and we have guns sold to our daughters and our sons and kids are killing just for fun.

My Lord I fear our troubles have just begun and my Lord we know this is true.

There is only one thing to do Help us to reach them and teach them.

To have faith in themselves and trust in you.

Because My Sai You are OUR ONLY WEAPON!

How true and close to our lives this song is I would like to end with a prayer to our Beloved

Swamy O Dear Lord, please help all those children who are wasting valuable time and energy with bad company, Swamy give them all your love and guidance.... as Your are our Mother, Father, Well wisher and most beloved Friend.

Jai Sai Ram

Satish Naik

Courtesy saidevotees-worldnet. Posted on 10.07.2006

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