Swami Goes Back to Parthi on 20-10-2005

SaiRam All!

Surprises never cease with HIM! After enthralling the devotees with morning darshan on Avatar declaration day, the beloved Lord felt that the great stage of declaration - Parthi also needs to blessed and left Brindavan at 3PM today. I understand that Swamy came for darshan in the morning at 9:30AM and after spending a few minutes on the stage, HE descended and took 2/3 rounds in the gents and ladies' side filling everyone with joy.

Jai Sai Ram

Ramesh K. Sistla

ya, swami gave darshan in the morning today. He came around 9.30 am in his moving chair. Bhajans had already started at 9 am. he seems to be in a jolly mood. he came down in his chair and went thru and thru the devotees. he just went round and round between the devotees on the gents side. he was coming straight between the ladies and gents gap. suddenly he went into the gents side even though there was no space. the sevadal had tough time controlling the crowd. went back circling and again took one more round the devotees. Today is the avatar day. In 1940 he had declared that the devotees were waiting for him.


Balraj Goulikar