Prof. Anil Kumar's Visit to Sril Lanka:

I was very happy and surprised to know that My College Principal and one of the nicest person I know, Prof. Anil Kumar garu was coming to Sri Lanka. He came on 22nd April by the evening flight to Colombo. On Saturday i and two of my colleagues went to hear him address a wonderful gathering of Sai Brother's and Sisters.

There were several important people who had come to hear him from all walks of life including the leader of the opposition party. We were all thrilled by the speech and he emphasized that Sri Lanka needs a lot of service from all the Sai Devotees in particular as there was the recent Tsunami from which the country was still recovering. They gave away wheelchairs to the needy.

The end of the programme was marked by a dance programme. It was a Kandian dance, meaning in a place known as Kandy in Sri Lanka, there is the famous "Tooth of the Buddha Temple" where as the name suggests lies within the temple premises the "Tooth" of Lord Buddha. It was spectacular and very colorful as scores of dancers performed with zeal and it was a feast for the eyes of the beholder.

23rd April 2005( Sunday)

Visit to the Tsunami Hit Areas by the Sai Samiti:

I was fortunate to be a part of the entourage to leave to some of the areas worst hit by Tsunami in Sri Lanka and do service along with other members of the Sai Organisation.

We assembled at the Sai Mandir in "Baines Place" and from there we collected Lactogen, Tea Packets, Biscuits and Other food items for children" and left in 3 cars to Hikkadua. Hikkadua has a place in it known as "Tellawatte". The site was the testimony to the infamous "Train Accident" in which 1000 people had died. The train was passing the station and Tsunami waves hit it and all the people had died.

The kind of after effects of natural disaster i have never seen before i have seen in Sri lanka. Hikkadua and the neighboring areas were damaged beyond repair. Hikkadua is 3-4 hours from Colombo and it is very close to Galle.

What i saw was something i hoped i would never see. When in India i was in Chennai when Tsunami had struck and we had a mild earthquake and then saw the effects of Tsunami all over the world on Television. Here i was actually looking at it.

The people built houses right next to the beach and almost 100-250 meters from the beach all the houses, trees, boats, and above all people....nothing was there. I actually went and stood in the area where once people lived and it was terrible to look at. The kind of suffering and loss suffered by people was horrible. Loss of property was a bad thing. But loss of children and families before a person's eyes was probably the worst thing possible.

It was just the love of Swami when hundreds of Doctors from all over the world had come to Sri Lanka first to the Mandir and from there to the Camps to help the refugees. I had myself seen 3 batches of doctors from USA, London and Canada.

We distributed food and other articles to the people there and more than food and articles they were so happy that people were coming and consoling and speaking so lovingly to them.

We identified people to whom we could give sewing machines and also people to whom we could rebuild their homes.

Swami's organisation is immense and all over the world there is an instant connection between total strangers and a person like me who did not know anyone in Sri Lanka, I am proud to be associated with Swami's organisation and the kind of love and affection they treat me with is to be seen.

The seva will be an ongoing activity every week at the Tsunami affected areas and we hope and pray that people recover and life becomes normal once again....

Posted by Surya Prasad on 26-04-2005